Clif McDonnell

senior minister

Clif considers it a great privilege to lead All Saints Anglican Church. His passion, other than watching sport, drinking coffee and hanging with his wife Jenny, (not necessarily in that order) is to see our Church grow to be all that Jesus intends for us to be so we can make a difference for him in our part of the world. 


Jimmy Shepherd

Assistant minister

Jimmy and his wife Katie, love living along the Northern Beaches and attending All Saints. His role as an Assistant Minister includes pastoring the youth and young adult communities of our church, and overseeing the evening service. He loves surfing with his wife, caring for his household plants, pretty much any fast-food burger, and seeing people come to know Jesus. 


Camille Sena

Children's Minister

Camille loves her husband Michael, reading, singing, and baking sweet things. As Children's Minister Camille is responsible for leading our Kids Church team at our 10am service, running our playgroup during the week, coordinating the protestant scripture teachers and their classes at our local primary schools, building connections with our local preschool St James Kindergarten.


Pure Wong

Office Admin

Pure's role is to support the ministry of our church and ensure that all the business of All Saints operates smoothly. Pure loves her work at All Saints. She considers it a blessing to live on the Northern Beaches with her beautiful son. Pure loves traveling, and through this has many friends she stays in touch with.